Exceptional Students Deserve an Exceptional Journey

A Thomas College degree is more than a completion of course work and class hours. It’s a comprehensive, real-life experience provided in a nurturing and substantive environment.

The Thomas College experience transcends a challenging course load and academic achievement. Our small-town feel and close-knit community provide the ideal backdrop to develop qualified and empowered future employees. Your coursework will immerse you in real-life experiences and professional practices.

Our student body is made up of a richly diverse group of people working alongside expertly qualified faculty and staff who have truly been there and done that in their own meaningful careers. When you are ready to take the next steps to join our community of lifelong learners, we are here to help you work toward your goals.

Applying to college is a milestone moment. Be willing to put yourself out there. Share your passions and abilities. Be willing to show your exceptionalism. Be open to receiving the assistance you deserve in your journey to become the very best you.

From the moment you submit an application, to the financial aid exploration process, to receiving your guarantee of acceptance, our staff will be here to help you make the best of your investment. An investment that will result in the most exceptional future.

Find Your Pathway

Financial Aid

We promise an assistance program grounded in getting the right students to our campus with the right help. What you need and what you deserve go hand-in-hand.

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Tuition & Fees

Understanding your investment up front is only the start of your process. We share full transparency in our program costs to make sure you see the true value of your commitment.

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Next Steps

Where do I go from here? Fair enough. Once you submit your application and your financial assistance inquiries, remember that we are here to help you determine if Thomas College is right for you, while also securing the optimal financial aid opportunities you deserve. Set nerves aside and start getting excited. These dates and this process are a well-crafted road map to your future. This is the time to let anticipation of the Thomas College experience take hold!